Click below to enjoy various examples of Sir Peter Bonfield's speeches and interviews, some featured with the benefit of audio facility.

ZGC Forum 2018

Sir Peter's address at the ZGC Forum in Beijing, China.

"The Next 50 Years: Fostering Innovation Through Global Collaboration"

ModernGov Article 2014

Sir Peter provides insight into the Small Business Charter.

Interview for the UK Excellence Magazine 2012

Sir Peter reflects upon his time at the British Quality Foundation and considers the future challenges facing UK businesses.

Corporate Board Member Publication - 2010

An insight into "a day in the life of Sir Peter Bonfield".

Global Information Summit - 2002
The Networked Information Society is Alive and Well

What does the future hold for the telecommunications market following UK liberalisation, over investment in fixed infrastructure and the European auctioning of 3G licences?

The Hinton Lecture - 2001
Royal Academy of Engineering

Connecting the country - an engineering approach to creating broadband Britain.

The House of Commons - 1999
Science and Technology Committee Publications

Sir Peter gives evidence to the Government’s Enquiry into Innovation.

Radio Interviews (Click to Play)